my high school ❤


Make a Table

Completion (  ̄▽ ̄) BIG SMILE


Next I will make a Table(^ー^) BIG SMILE

Todays Thai meal

Good tasty wooo(  ̄▽ ̄) BIG SMILE

good job ❗❗❗

perfect Mr. Jimbo( ・∇・) I'm looking forward to the next match of player Jimbo❗❗❗ Check out @New_K1_bot's Tweet: https://twitter.com/New_K1_bot/status/835381841737605120?s=09 BIG SMILE


I cooked Gai yaang. I cooked first time taste is okay (  ̄▽ ̄) In addition I cook. BIG SMILE

chocolate gift

Thank you ☺ BIG SMILE


I cooked Thai food BIG SMILE

home party tonight

After time BIG SMILE

Interesting meal

心身を浄化する9日間の菜食週間(ギンジェー)!タイの精進料理から見直す現代ライフスタイル - Latte BIG SMILE

Watch "Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine" on YouTube

Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine - YouTube Happy valentine`s day 🎵 BIG SMILE

lunch and dinner foods

Lunch Dinner BIG SMILE


I went to action lesson. This lesson was difficult but very interested. Next time I'll go to lesson again for a performance. BIG SMILE

housecleaning day

Holiday Where shall we go to today ( ^∀^) BIG SMILE

good movie



Good morning BIG SMILE

made in Taiwan

Coconut milk ❗❗❗ Drink later (  ̄▽ ̄) BIG SMILE

It is favorite movie

Drive https://g.co/kgs/4d3l1K ゾクゾクした。 何故かというと映画と一体感を味わえたからだ。映像に入れたのは久しぶりだ。 とても気持ち良い。 曲とカメラ使い方、色彩が染み込んでくる。 ライアン・ゴズリングが演じる役が静かに魅力的で出だしから惹き付…

K - 1amateur meeting

I am an actor BIG SMILE


This is a M-65 Jacket 69 to 70s jacket I love it. BIG SMILE

I'm not a strong drinker

But I love beer (  ̄▽ ̄) BIG SMILE

my protein


Taiwan gift

Thank you miss Tomoko🎵 BIG SMILE

Great man

Congratulations ❗❗❗ Mr. Yuya Suzuki ❗❗❗ BIG SMILE

One step one punch

What's Next❗ On oneself ❗ Let's go ❗ BIG SMILE

I love Garlic .

I'm singing a song Garlic Song. What is song Hungry mans song Curry of a lot of Garlic BIG SMILE

I'm not crazy but.

Where go to my life? On oneself. I want to tell who Example who? Who is it? I don't know but ... I need you I want you I love you Am I crazy man? Maybe. 大好きなことを仕事にし続ける人達から教えられる日々です。 やるべきことに集中する時間を…

Moon and the Venus

Moon and Venus I'm lucky man It is happy to see BIG SMILE

Happy new year 2017

2017 燃えるぜ❗❗❗

Only 3days

What's up? I'm feeling great today. Today I went to movie theater and watched the movie elstree 76. I think...the movie witch boring for all of you because only as for the interview but , I have leaned this movie because what should I do a…